Personal 1:1 Coaching

Enjoy intensive but gentle guidance as you navigate the dating life, beginning phases of relationship, engagement into marriage, and keeping the flame going after decades together. We have several programs, customizable to you.
Schedule a Intro Discovery Session to assess your challenges and get crystal clear on the ideal relationship you want to manifest.

Group Coaching

Join heart-centered, spiritually-minded woman who are ready to enjoy their ideal relationship without compromise. Kristen regularly partners up with guest facilitators to share their best insights for getting ready to date, falling in love, entering committed relationships, and bringing your relationship to the next level. Individual 1:1 coaching among the group follows as time allows.

Women are often surprised to find they're running similar stories to each other, often forgotten. It's this aspect of the group experience that is uncomparable.

Plus, when you sign up, we try to comp you to some awesome bonuses that give you even more personal attention.

Power of Flowers

Flower contain different powers and magical qualities to them. You can use them to assist your efforts to improve your love life. Whether it's bringing in new love or deepening the love you have, Dr. Alizabeth makes customizable and energetically enhanced remedies to support you. They also include empowering visioning scrolls customizable to you.

Coming Soon!


Corrie's Testimonial

[When] I had my first coaching session with Kristen, earlier that same day I had met a man who I was strongly attracted to, but I had only half-heartedly engaged in a brief conversation with him.

Kristen and I spent that first session covering my history, clarifying what I was looking for, and uncovering why I wasn't finding it.

She left me with one simple but life-changing shift to make: be more available.

So when that attractive man I'd met earlier that morning messaged me to chat again, I decided what did I have to lose by being available for a conversation. Five and a half hours later we were saying good night and making plans to reconnect the next day.

She has since helped me uncover other beliefs and behaviors to bring into better alignment with what I want in a lot of different types of relationships. She is very intuitive and supportive... and makes me feel like she is nurturing me along my path and growth in an encouraging and loving way.

Even when I have felt like I screwed something up she helped me keep moving forward and get it back on track.

I am really confident and comfortable in this new relationship in a way I have never experienced before. And as my new sweetheart puts it "Babe, we have such a beautiful love story." 

Next Steps...

Get a non-judgmental assessment for where you are in attracting your ideal relationship. Like many women before you, you may be surprised what you find out!

In our intro calls, we help you create a crystal clear vision of the ideal relationship you really want to attract (and keep) as well as uncover any hidden challenges that may be making it hard for you to open your heart fully.

Most women leave the call feeling renewed, energized and inspired to attract their perfect match. And that! makes me so happy. 🙂

If something comes up during the call where I think I could support you - and you're willing to explore it - we can explore some options of what it may look like to work together afterward. No pressure.