Our Approach

As an empowered, independent woman, you've worked hard to live life on your terms and lift other women up through your example.

Your drive and ambition may feel like finding your ideal relationship is nearly impossible.

However, cultivating a relationship of equality doesn't always follow the same rules as your professional life.

We're here to help you find the path to let the right person in, feel safe, and communicate your needs - without pushing him away.

Dating does not need to be a time-suck or numbers game. Leveling up your existing relationship doesn't mean compromising yourself.

We believe that when you attract your ideal relationship, together you can heal the world.

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Dr. Alizabeth

Regular Contributor

Dr. Alizabeth Ruiz is a chiropractor, healer, intuitive guide and student of life! She feels relationships have been her greatest teachers to come from a family background of deeply wounded men and find a new way to receive true love. She and Lorne recently got engaged after 2 years together.

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I'm constantly scouring new networks to find the most soul-centered, insightful experts on love and relationships. Because I'm a business owner like you, I'm also always keeping my eyes open for inspiring entrepreneurs who really do have it all! 




I'm Kristen, founder of Kristen.Today and have been practicing as a certified coach and astrology for over 8 years. My meditation and energetic sciences practice play a strong influence in my work. I have been together with Anthony for 12 years, married for 6 and share a 3-year-old son Archer with him. I love dancing like a maniac and traveling the globe.

Time Is Now...

Stop over-booking yourself with distractions and schedule your personal call to work together to create a crystal clear vision of the relationship you really want to attract (and keep) as well as uncover any hidden challenges that may be making it hard for you to enjoy that reality fully. Leave renewed and re-energized to attract true love.